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recognizing industry trends


At the outset of our journey in 2008,

NCFIT offered one very effective program to our members to help reach their goals.

Today, NC60 remains a flagship offering in the NCFIT Collective, however, we have since developed two additional programs, NC30 and NC45, to provide a more comprehensive offering to our members. Simply put, we needed to change with the times.

Over the years, our members provided consistent feedback.

We took action…

Time – Our members desired effective workouts but some days they didn’t have an hour to spend at the gym. With only one program on a 60-minute timeline, we left some members without an appropriate option for those days.

Type – Our members desired a variety of workouts with clear distinction. Some of our members desired more complexity and variance in their workouts, others did not. Some wanted to know what they were getting every day, others did not. Regardless, with only one program, we were essentially choosing the path for our members.

Environment – Our members desired a certain type of environment based on their comfort and experience level. Let’s face it…some movements and workouts are intimidating no matter how well you coach or scale. Some of our members wanted a shorter list of movements appearing in workouts with more consistency.

Goals Our members had a wide variety of goals for how they wanted to look, feel, and perform. When we had only one option, we felt our offering was too narrow. There was a large segment of population we were missing. They wanted functional movement but they wanted it in a different format. It was clear we needed to pivot.

All of our programs deliver an extremely effective workout by incorporating functional movements; however, the type of movements, loading, degree of variance, and level of complexity differ across NC60 NC45, and NC30. Our members now have three distinct options. Perhaps most importantly, no matter which offering a member chooses to experience they can expect that the class will be expertly coached, true to our overall mission, and scalable to any level of fitness or ability. This has been a key part of our success.

Benefits Realized from

Multiple Offerings

You’re able to provide a more comprehensive set of class offerings…
This is key to expanding your reach. With one program offering we captured the market interested in that style of training but few others. However, we knew we had something special for those people to experience. By diversifying our offering, we expanded our reach and captured a larger share of the market.

You can reduce barriers to entry…
Providing a variety of options lowers the barrier to entry for potential new members. For example, in our NC30 there is no fundamentals course required to onboard new members. They can get started that day, and the format, movements, and style all make it very inviting. NC45 is a great intermediate option with more regular exposure to foundational weightlifting and gymnastics.

You can better maximize your square footage…
We generally like to have 1/member per every 100 sqft when they have a barbell in hand. Incorporating classes that don’t utilize a barbell allows us to host classes with 1/member per every 50 sqft or so. Specifically, in smaller locations, upstairs locations, or locations where you can’t drop weights this change in equipment is very valuable.

You may increase utilization & engagement…
Increasing the amount of touch points you have with your members is a valuable part of ensuring retention. The feedback we receive is that members enjoy the multiple options on a consistent basis. If they want to come in and sweat, they can. If they want to come in and focus on foundational movements, they can. If they want to come in and get after it with more complexity and potential for heavy loads, they can. In the past when a member felt like doing something different or didn’t desire complexity we would miss out on that transaction. Today, our three offerings help to increase utilization and lead to an increase in lifetime value to the business.

You can further develop your team…
With multiple options, it allows us to intro coaches in a variety of ways and gives coaches an opportunity to coach on different timelines. For example, our NC30 which incorporates mostly bodyweight movements and simple weightlifting, our coaches have an opportunity to coach the basics more regularly. As a result, it becomes a great place to introduce coaches to our team. It allows them to narrow their focus, develop their skills, and when they are ready, progress to more complex movements.


Best Practices for

Introducing New Offerings


  1. Get your team on board with the why. Sit them down and explain why you are expanding your offerings or ask their opinions. Set a clear vision for the program, movements incorporated, and stimulus you are looking to provide. This is critical.
  2. Evaluate your current schedule and be strategic. You want the additions to be value adds, not a take away to your current members. We have seen success by adding classes to the schedule, not changing a current one. Exceptions would be if attendance is low and you think this offering would better fit the demographic at that time.
  3. Ensure programming integrity by utilizing the NCFIT Collective programming and session plans daily. If you choose to create your own program, make sure you set clear roles and responsibilities and assign lead based on experience, expertise, and passion for your new program.
  4. Identify staff that are passionate and excited about these new offerings. This is true for all programs especially if you are targeting newer members to join a class like NC30. It’s important to have someone energetic and organized to create an effective environment on the short timeline.
  5. Create a promotion for your current members that introduces the new class offering. For example, you can provide them each with a gift certificate for a friend to bring in for NC30 for a free two-week trial of the new classes. Strategic ad-buys directed towards a larger demographic is a great way to cast a wider net. Prior to these campaigns ensure you have a system to service them from the moment they call until they step onto the floor for class number one.

Through your membership in the NCFIT Collective, you have access to all of our programming and session plans for all three of our flagship programs – NC60, NC45, and NC30. This is a fantastic advantage. Your program and plan are already dialed in!

We encourage you to

listen to your members, observe the trends in the industry, and respond as you see fit.

Whatever you do you, do it well…really, really well!