A focused approach to competitive training

NCCompete is a competitive programming track designed by a team of current and former competitors at NCFIT. NCCompete pays homage to NCFIT’s rich history of success in the sport of fitness while paving the way forward for a new breed of competitor. Our goal is simple: provide our athletes the foundation and specific tools they need to succeed in competition, while simultaneously grow a strong community of like-minded athletes eager to better themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. NCCompete targets athletes interested in competing in local competitions, the Open, and Regionals. We develop well-rounded, competition ready athletes through carefully planned programming, aerobic fine tuning, strength & skill development, and bias work meant to specifically target weaknesses.


The Philosophy


proven worldwide.


The 5 pillars of NCCompete


Core Outline & Best Practices


3 Sections – 5 days a week

NCCompete is comprised of 3 parts: A, B,C.
The baseline of NCCompete is our NC60 program with additional scopes implemented.

Group 92@2x.png

Single Assignment

Aerobic or Anaerobic work

Group 93@2x.png

Single Assignment

Metcon, Monostructural, Strength, or combination (NC60)

Group 94@2x.png

Athlete's Choice - Bias Work

Gymnastic, Strength, or Conditioning bias



training schedule

NCCompete programming consists of training 5x/week (M, Tu, W, F, Sa). Thursday and Sunday are prescribed rest or active recovery days. If an athlete needs to train on a prescribed rest day, rest as needed and complete a five day training regimen. In this case, the athlete has the option to do the NC60 workout with class for that given day or make-up the missed day during open gym hours.


breakdown of bias work

Daily bias work will be included to help eliminate any weaknesses in your arsenal. Athletes should choose bias work specific to their own areas of weakness and strength. A single bias should be followed for a period no shorter than 3-6 weeks then reevaluate.


priority of completion

If an athlete can only do one part, Part B should be completed. If an athlete can only do two parts, Part A and Part B should be completed. Athletes may complete the daily prescription in any order while adhering to the priorities; however, the ideal order of completion is A, B, C.


Is NCCompete for me?


NCCompete is intended for individuals interested in competing in the sport of fitness at a Local or Regional level. In the competitive environment, the demands on your body and time will necessarily be higher. However, this does not mean that only the most elite can participate. Before entering NCCompete, you must first have a firm understanding of your goals and what you can handle physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is essential to your success and will help ensure you reach your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. Make sure you touch base with a coach about adding additional work to your daily routine.


Current NCFIT Members


Integrating NC60

Current NCFIT Members are highly encouraged to complete Part B (NC60) during normal class times — the value and benefit of training in the group environment are essential to your success in NCCompete.

Parts A and C should be completed in the athlete’s own time whether during open gym hours or otherwise.

NCCompete Schedule

Local NCFIT members training to compete are encouraged to train together during open gym hours at our Campbell location.
These sessions are not guided by a coach and are not intended for beginner or intermediate athletes. Any questions, contact us!


Feel free to shoot us an email at


Available on the NCFIT App.

NCCompete has officially launched on the NCFIT App. Programming is posted to the app 5x/week (M, Tu, W, F, Sa with active rest days Th/Su). 



Feel free to shoot us an email at