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What's the NCFIT Collective all about?

At NCFIT, we strive to establish an inclusive, effective, and fun fitness environment for all of our members. We hold our coaches to the highest standards of care, excellence, and professionalism. This is the expectation every single day. To meet this standard, we invest heavily in developing our team and building community. We firmly believe this effort will help our members achieve new levels of fitness, health, and happiness.

The NCFIT Collective proudly stands firm on these same principles. By joining the NCFIT Collective, you are taking decisive action in investing in the health and wellness of your members and coaches. Together, we will raise the bar. Our goal with the NCFIT Collective is to enrich the experience of your members and coaches by providing effective, inclusive, and fun workouts coupled with detailed session plans. We will provide you the tools for your members to enjoy a world-class experience every single day. We are excited for you to begin your journey as member of the NCFIT Collective!

How did the NCFIT Collective come to life?

Very simply, we wanted to raise the bar. Early on, we achieved success through providing amazing workouts and top-notch coaching to a very small group of people. As we grew, we experimented with different ways to continue this experience for our members. With growth often comes opportunity. As we continued to grow, it became more and more important to provide excellent, yet accessible programming that appealed to a broad audience as well as a daily guidebook for our coaches to deliver excellent classes, consistently. Over time, we've refined our tools and hired a team of people exclusively dedicated to designing our programming and session plans. The NCFIT Collective was born from this drive to continually raise the bar, and the desire to share it with people around the world.

Why do you want to share your programming and session plans?

The better question is...why wouldn't we? Simply put, we want nothing more than to see other gym owners and coaches be successful. We know that not everyone has the time or resources to invest in planning out their programs. Often times, after a long week of coaching, the last thing you want to do is sit down create workouts. Trust us, we get it. Here at NCFIT, we are fortunate enough to have a dedicated programming team that loves every minute of it!

The programs presented in the NCFIT Collective are the result of hours of analysis, refinement, and review. We take pride in knowing that gym owners and coaches around the world greatly benefit from something we love to do.

As a member of the NCFIT Collective, am I required to promote and advertise my membership?

No, you are not required to advertise or promote that you are a member of the NCFIT Collective. However, if you would check out our branding guidelines here.

Do I need to refer to my classes as "NC30", "NC45", "NC60", and "NC Compete" if I utilize the programming and session plans?

No, you are not required to refer to these classes within your gym as "NC30", "NC45", "NC60", or "NC Compete".

Core Programs

Why three core programs?

At the outset of our journey in 2008, we offered one very effective program to our members to help reach their goals. Today, NC60 remains a flagship offering in the NCFIT Collective, however, we have since developed two additional programs, NC30 and NC45, to provide a more comprehensive offering to our members. We recognized a few trends in our membership base that eventually led us to diversify our offerings.

Time – Our members desired effective workouts whether they could spend 60, 45, or 30 minutes at the gym on any given day. With only one program option at 60 minutes, we were leaving some members without an appropriate option.

Type – Our members desired a variety of workouts with clear distinction and expectation. Our programs now clearly provide these options with clear goals for each.

Goals & Experience – Our members desired a certain experience with more consistency than a single program provided. Our members had a wide variety of goals, but we had only one program. Now, we regularly offer all three programs to provide an effective workout to any individual regardless of experience, ability or skill.

All of our programs deliver an extremely effective workout by incorporating functional movements; however, the movements, loading, degree of variance, and level of complexity differ across all three. No matter which offering you choose to experience you can expect that the class will be expertly coached, true to our overall mission, and scalable to any level of fitness or ability. This has been a key part of our success.

Your membership in the NCFIT Collective gives you access to all three of these core programs in addition to our competitor's programming, NC Compete. (For more info about NC Compete, read on here). If you choose to integrate new offerings into your programs, make sure you first identify the needs and wants of your member base. Choose the program(s) that best meet these needs of your members. Whether you bring to life one, two, or all three of our core programs, you can expect to find a well-thought, intentional, and effective workout.

Can you provide a brief overview of your three core programs, NC60, NC45, NC30?

NC30– NC30 is presented on a 30 minute timeline and provides an effective conditioning workout. Workouts typically last anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes and are comprised of basic, yet potent, bodyweight, monostructural, and simple weight lifting movements. Each class begins with a general warm-up followed by a skill review and finally the workout. NC30 workouts will improve your conditioning regardless of skill level and can be performed in nearly any location. NC30 serves as the perfect option for athletes who are time-restricted, entry-level, or on the road.

NC45– NC45 is presented on a 45 minute timeline and provides exposure to foundational weight lifting coupled with a metabolic conditioning workout. NC45 incorporates movements of moderate complexity and typically involves moderate loading. Here, we see much more exposure to the barbell and weight lifting than in NC30. Each class begins with a general warm-up, followed by a skill review, then a strength component coupled with the workout. For newer athletes, this program is a fantastic introduction to complexity, loading, and variance. For your more experienced athletes, NC45 helps develop mechanics, consistency, and intensity in foundational strength and moderately complex movements.

NC60– NC60 offers athletes the opportunity to gain exposure to the widest degree of complexity, loading, and variance. In our NC60 program, all movements, loads, and time domains are fair game. Workouts are highly varied on duration, format, and type. Each class begins with a general warm-up, followed by a skill review, skill session or specific warm-up. The workout follows the warm-up and skill review. Athletes need to be ready for anything! For both newer and more advanced athletes, NC60 offers a broad exposure and stimulus.

Overall, we recommend having access to all equipment commonly found in a functional fitness gym as well as the proper amount of space to deliver the programs in safe, effective, and fun environment. Below you will find general equipment recommendations for each of our programs.

NC30– Commonly employs basic equipment including: dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, boxes, wall balls, slam balls, rowers, bikes, rings, and access to a pull-up structure. For weighted objects you will commonly need light to moderate loads. Occasionally, plates may be incorporated; however, the barbell will not be utilized.

NC45 + NC60– Both programs will require access to a full functional fitness set-up including all common equipment. In addition to common items, dumbbells, slam balls, rowers, and bike are used regularly. Less common equipment like sleds, GHDs, heavy d-balls, or skis will typically not appear in workouts; however, if any of these items do appear a common substitute will be included in the session plan.

How should we read tempo when it's included in a workout?

The First number (as in 40X0) is the amount of time you should take to perform the Eccentric portion, or, the lowering of the weight or exercise.

The Second number (as in 40X0) is the amount of time to hold the weight/pause at the bottom of the exercise.

The Third number (as in 40X0) is the amount of time you should take to perform the Concentric portion or the raising of the exercise or weight.

What about X? An X anywhere indicates as fast as possible, i.e. explosive (but still maintaining good form).

The Fourth number (as in 40X0) is the amount of time to hold the weight/pause at the top of the exercise.

Session Plans & Programming

Why do you offer session plans?

If our programming is the overall recipe, the session plans are the secret ingredient to ensure an amazing outcome! At NCFIT, we encourage all of our coaches to review and plan their classes in advance in order to deliver the best possible product for the members. The session plans that you will find in the NCFIT Collective provide guidance to the coach and outline a series of best practices for running a great class.

Within our own practice, these session plans have vastly improved the experience of our members and furthered the development of our staff. Your membership in the NCFIT Collective gives you access to every session plan for each of our core program.

What makes your session plans differ from the rest?

At NCFIT, we are fortunate to have a dedicated team of individuals whose sole responsibility is programming and planning. From initial draft to final execution, our programs and plans go through rigorous review and testing. Our team consists of some of the best in the industry with thousands of hours of coaching experience and achieving the highest regard among professional trainers. We realize that we are very lucky to have such a dedicated and committed team, and we'd like to share that with you. Your membership in the NCFIT Collective gives you a peek behind the curtain and allows you and your coaches to benefit from world-class programming and session plans.

Can you provide a brief breakdown of what a session plan consists of?

All of our programs are paired with a session plan for every single class, every single day. Your coaches will benefit from a consistent outline, plan of attack, best practices, tips & tricks, and notes from NCFIT’s programming team. Session plans are included well ahead of time to allow your coaches to review, plan, and execute. Your coaches will gain confidence and progress their development through studying the session plans and watching our daily coaching tips. In our line of work, stellar and consistent coaching is critical for continued success and growth, our session plans will get you there.

Our session plans follow a 6 section charter to ensure a unifed coaching structure.

Workout of the day– Each session plan is focused around the workout for that day, for that specific program. Our workouts follow our programming methology and are designed to be inclusive while intensive.

Intro + Stimulus– Here your coaches will be introduced to the workout (format, type, kind, duration, etc.). This section also covers any notes or highlights we feel would be particularly important to know before reviewing the rest of the session plan. Included in this first section is also an explanation of this stimulus for the workout. The stimulus will help coaches define the workout, explain the workout, and scale the workout to ensure all of your members are finding a similar stimulus. This is critical.

Warm-up– Every plan outlines a suggested warm-up based on the workout for that particular day. Warm-ups are provided for both general readiness and specific skill development. Our warm-ups get your athletes ready for the workout in an effective and well-planned manner. The warm-up is customized based on that day’s workout and timeline.

Timeline– We also provide a rough timeline for every class. Here, we include a breakdown of the class based on structure and focus. Our timelines create broad overviews of each class to keep coaches on track to ensure they deliver all important material, properly administer the workout, and build community.

Scaling– Everyday we provide common scaling options for nearly every movement we include in our workouts. Our scaling recommendations are tailored to that specific workout and stimulus. This reference guide will allow your coaches to review our scaling recommendations prior to class to be better prepared and better able to administer an effective class for every member.

Notes– Lastly, in our notes section your coaches will find teaching points, tips, and tricks to help more effectively coach, communicate, and correct movement. The notes, just like all the other sections, are specifically tailored for that day’s workout. The notes help guide coaches with valuable kernels of knowledge that they can share with each other as well as share with the class.

What are the best practices for session plans?

We’ve outlined a few best practices for you and your coaches when thinking about our session plans…

Review– Review the session plans at least a few hours before class! We’ve found the best results when our coaches review the session plans the night before delivering class.

Make it your own.– Take the session plan and make it your own! Every coach has their own style and flow, and we want your coaches and classes to be unique. Coaches should still bring their own flavor to each class. This can be especially valuable in warm-up, cool downs, and skill sessions. We encourage coaches to use the session plan as a guide to help better understand the workout and improve the member experience.

Establish a game plan.– Have a game plan for any outliers! Sometimes, you can’t predict when you might get hit with a class of 20+ or a class of 1-3. At these ends of the spectrum, we recommend having a general contingency plan.

Bring the fun!– Everyday your goal should be to educate, entertain and engage members through fitness. Fun should always be part of the experience. This is particularly true when you see ‘coach’s choice.’ Every now and then, you will find a warm-up indicated as coach’s choice. This means you have the freedom to program your own warm-up or game. Every community is a little different and likes to get after their own breed of fun – these are the perfect days for it.

Communicate and collaborate.– Share best practices among your staff! We believe that the best ideas come through collaboration. As the workouts come to life through the session plans, we encourage your coaches to share their experiences with one another and talk about what worked well for them.

How do I receive the Session Plans & Programming?

Upon enrolling in the NCFIT Collective, all of the session plans and programming will be available via the NCFIT App. The NCFIT App will act as the hub for all things Session Plans & Programming, Movement Videos, Virtual Workouts, and much more. Once we get you signed up and all registered, you will be granted NCFIT Collective access. Don't sweat, the NCFIT App is available for both iOS and Android, worldwide.

Memberships, Billing & Cancelations

What membership options are available?

We offer a single unlimited membership that is inclusive of our four core programs (NC30, NC45, NC60, and NC Compete. Your membership payment plan will depend on the number of coaches (users) you choose.

We currently offer three membership tiers.

Tier 01 - 1-10 Coaches
Tier 02 - 11-20 Coaches
Tier 03 - 21-30 Coaches

How does billing work?

All memberships to the NCFIT Collective are Month-to-Month Memberships that automatically renew at the start of each month.

If for any reason you need to update your billing information, please email

I need to add more coaches to my membership plan, how do I do that?

Easy! Shoot us an email at with the subject line: Membership Tier Upgrade and a member from our team will contact you shortly.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Month-to-Month Memberships may be terminated, without penalty with a minimum of fifteen (15) days advance written notice of the billing date. Written notice stating that you are canceling this Month-to-Month Membership Agreement, must be sent to or by certified mail.

Am I "grandfathered" into my membership plan and pricing?

Yes, you will be grandfathered into your membership plan and pricing for as long as the membership plan you enroll in is offered and as long as you remain an active paying member in good standing.

App & Other things

Where can my members view the workout of the day?

Your members can download the free version of the NCFIT app to view the workout of the day. Workouts for the following day are posted to the app at 8pm each night. The NCFIT App is available for both iOS and Android worldwide.

iOS | Android

Is the app the only way I can receive session plans & programming?

Yes. Our NCFIT App is specifically designed for programming and session plans. We've found that the app has been proven most-convenient for ease of access.

Is the NCFIT Collective available globally?

Yes! The NCFIT Collective was created to bring togther gym owners and coaches from around the world. The NCFIT App is also available globally for both iOS and Android.