30 seconds on 30 seconds off

Set a treadmill to the highest incline, speed starts at a jog for a while then at moderate for 3 minutes, more challenging for the next 3 minutes, very challenging for the next 3 minutes. Hard as hell for 1 minute.

15% incline and level 8.5mph is pretty legit. Total WORK time is 10 minutes. 

NOTES: "Your probably wondering… the hell is a run special to Jason. This shit hurts like not much else you can do in the hotel gym, try it and let me know. You know you are at the right speed for your final sets when you literally fall off the treadmill at second 29-30. You should gradually feel yourself going towards the end of the treadmill. You should genuinely be nervous that you will fall off the treadmill. (you are going too fast if you fall off….don't do that)" - J.K.