NC Fit Helps Members Improve Their Overall Quality of Life with a Healthier Outlook and Physique 

By Marina I. Jokic

Getting fit has never been easy, and the trainers at NC Fit in San Jose, California know that well. Sometimes we need an extra nudge to start on our fitness plan. Founded in 2008, NC Fit has embarked on a mission to offer tailored trainings to people of all fitness levels and thus improve their quality of life. The trainings are group-based and focus on building strength and conditioning.

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Executive Hits the Gym to Work Off Effects of the Restaurant Life

Patric Yumul, Mina Group president, hired a personal trainer, revamped his diet and dropped more than 30 pounds.

By Jen Murphy

"Mr. Yumul asked NC Fit, a Bay Area gym, to develop a series of weekly challenges for employees across the group’s 28 restaurants. Last year, the two-month competition focused on physical fitness. This year, the challenge runs all year, with a new theme each quarter, including physical fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and community. Participation is optional."

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