NCFIT Insider Episode 2: Matt Beard


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episode 2: Man chats with ncfit athlete matt beard

Matt hitting “Murph”

Matt hitting “Murph”

MATT BEARD is in the house!

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there was so much electricity in the air that my eyelids were lifting up... and lightning stuck just like that, it was like the snap of a finger. and all of a sudden I woke up to chest compressions.
— Matt B.

Many of you may know his beautiful, badass, better half, Coach Emily Beard from NCFIT Mountain View, and it’s only a matter of time until she is on the show, but today we have a man-chat with Matt! Matt splits his time as an NCFIT athlete between the Mountain View and Campbell locations, and is an absolute force in the gym. Today we dive into Matt’s time spent in the military and later his time working with federal investigations units. Since then, Matt has transitioned into working in the commercial construction arena as a Field Engineer. Matt explains what the transition into civilian life was like and what self-care practices he utilizes in this process. If you see him around the gym, be sure to say hey and strike up a conversation about stand-up comedy—you won’t be disappointed!

Connect with Matt on the gram: @m.d.beard