NCFIT Insider Episode 1: Coach Rachel


NCFIT Insider podcast

Episode I: Crushing goals with coach rachel

Coach Rachel has been coaching at the NCFIT Redwood City for the last 2 years. She first got her start with NCFIT through our internship program and has done nothing but enhance the community since her arrival. In today’s episode Lindsey and Rachel talk about Rachel’s launch into fitness, her incredible weight loss journey, and what daily routines/habits she has incorporated to continue the upward momentum. Odds are if you’re an athlete at our Redwood City location you already know Rachel (she’s hard to miss, and will most likely immediately greet you with a high five if she doesn’t know you already), but if you don’t, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself—and, if you’re really feeling it, challenge her to a dance off! Enjoy!

Connect with Coach Rachel on the gram: @raeyoung_17

life is hard, but I can fix this, I can figure this out
— Rachel