NCFIT Insider Episode 3: Shereen


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episode 3: motherhood and mental health with ncfit athlete shereen Mohsen

Let’s just start by saying that Shereen is an absolute badass…

You may recognize Shereen from the athlete spotlight we did a while back—turns out the spotlight left us with more questions for Shereen and inspired today’s episode. Between absolutely crushing NC60 workouts, Shereen is a new mommy and clinical Psychologist (can someone say, “busy bee?”). In today’s show we discuss the connection between physical fitness and mental health. We also dive into what resources and lifestyle choices Shereen made to accommodate high intensity training throughout her pregnancy. I hope you’re as fired up about this episode as I am and enjoy meeting a member of the NCFIT Community! Cheers!

Connect with Shereen on the gram: @shereen.insta

Episode Resources

Work with Shereen

Training while expecting (birthfit)

when you get some exercise, when you eat well, it can be more effective than anti-depressants
— Shereen