Mon. Oct 31, 2016


AK Block Snatch (No Hook, No Feet) (60/2, 68/2, 75/2(3), 80/2(2))

Set the blocks to where the bar is above the knees. No hook gripping. Begin in your receiving position (wider feet). You will remain in that position through the entire lift, without moving the feet.

Power Snatch + Snatch Balance (75/5, 80/5, 85/5(2))

Snatch RDL (80/3, 90/3, 100/3(2))

Front Squat (75/3, 82/3, 87/3(2))

Chain weight to not exceed 30% of total weight used on bar. Speed focus out of the bottom. Don't forget to include chain weight in total weight calculated.

Ring Pull-Ups (10)

Total Reps. Load Heavy