About NC60

NC60 is our take on high intensity training, and it doesn’t get any better! Inspired by our 60-minute class, the NC60 program offers the opportunity to gain exposure to the widest degree of complexity, loading, and variance.

In our NC60 program, all movements, loads, and time domains are fair game. Workouts can last anywhere from less than 10 minutes to 30+ minutes, but most workouts will last anywhere between 10-25 minutes. Workouts are highly varied in duration, format, and type. Each session will be different, and you need to be ready for anything!

NC60 is perfect for anyone interested in high intensity training and looking to build a well-rounded brand of fitness. NC60 workouts can be very challenging, but all NC60 workouts can be scaled for any ability level whether newer or more advanced athletes.

Athlete Goal

I want to be ready for anything & well-rounded. I want to be strong, fast & conditioned.

March’s Focus

In March we shift our focus to SPEED. Speed is an essential component to many of our movements but in particular a huge part of our fast lifts like the clean, jerk, and snatch. Moving into the right positions with the QUICKNESS! This is where coordination and accuracy help us out...we’ve spent time practicing some of these movements and positions, now we focus a little more on speed. This is ability to move yourself into positions quickly We will also focus on speed in a more traditional understanding -- moving fast in workouts...everyone’s favorite. This involves overall speed but also minimizing the cycle time of movements. The month of March will bring some workouts and finishers that will force us to really move. In testing our fast lifts, we will focus on light to moderate loading to really allow the athletes to get themselves quickly extended and then quickly under the bar. This speed up and then down is the essence of all Olympic Lifting! Now, we want to make sure this is clearly understood...the focus on speed does not mean we want to see reckless movement. We will still be ensuring that mechanics are dialed-in, followed by consistency of those mechanics, and then and only then...intensity in the form of speed or load. March will bring some fan favorites and lots of fast lifting...get ready!

about nc45

NC45 offers daily strength and skill training along with a fun and effective metcon-style workout. Inspired by our 45-minute class, NC45 incorporates daily strength-based movements with a workout to build a solid foundation. The movements and workouts in NC45 focus squarely on building a strong base and providing daily exposure to strength training.

In NC45 you will learn how to squat, press, pull, and clean through daily strength progression. You will also gain exposure to common bodyweight, gymnastic, and monostructural movements. If you are newer to this style of training, this program is a fantastic introduction to complexity, loading, and variance. If you are more advanced, NC45 helps develop mechanics, consistency, and intensity in foundational strength and moderately complex movements.

Athlete Goal

I am building focused and want to develop a strong base. I want to lift daily, practice my lifts & get a great sweat.

March’s Focus

Last month in NC45 we focused on building the upper body pulling and pushing strength of our athletes through volume, load, and odd object work. We also doubled down on our conditioning and shifting the strength to a maintenance phase. During maintenance the goal is to refine skills, techniques, and build a strong base. With that in mind, this month we are going to focus on some skill movements. More specifically we will be jumping rope, building toes to bar, gaining exposure in the handstand and...everyone’s favorite...barbell cycling. We will train these in both the strength and the workout (and maybe even the warm-up) portions of the NC45 programming. Your core slow lifts (back squat, deadlift and press) will still show up but with some creative new rep schemes to challenge you! We will get plenty of touches on a barbell as well as introducing odd objects to supplement our strength. Training skills takes practice and it can be very fun! This month we want to demonstrate that to you. Let’s get ready to learn and grow with an open mind!

about nc30

NC30 is the ultimate high-energy conditioning training. Workouts typically last anywhere from 10-15 minutes and always incorporate simple yet potent movements. Inspired by our 30-minute class, NC30 combines bodyweight, rowing-biking-running, and simple weight lifting movements for each workout.

Athlete Goal

I am conditioning focused. I want daily cardio, aerobic capacity, & fast-paced training.

March’s Focus

Last month in NC30 we explored dumbbell and kettlebell complexes and transferred some of those movements into a few benchmark workouts that will be re-tested in the upcoming months. For March, we will continue to see the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, defined time domains, and finishers but also now shifting some of our focus to gymnastic skills. Key to our exploration of these skills will be increasing body awareness, improving balance and building better coordination. Throughout the month will see some strength/skill gymnastic components in addition to a couple benchmark workouts. Learning and fine tuning how to move your body through space is one of the most important skills to master as it transfers to so many of our other functional movements and day-to-day activities. Have fun with this gymnastics focus and as always, have a blast!

About ncburn

NCBURN is our special spin on fast-paced interval training. Workouts for NCBURN involve very little equipment and can be performed almost anywhere -- at the gym, at home, or on the road. Every workout involves four different station rotations and typically last between 10-20 minutes.

In NCBURN, you will work through each station for a short period of time then move to a new station. Workouts will always challenge you to push yourself through the burn! NCBURN is perfect if you are looking for high-energy interval training, want to focus exclusively on light conditioning, or need a quick workout that you can do anywhere!

Athlete Goal

I am interval-training focused. I want daily high-energy intervals, circuit training & quick fitness.

about ncbuild

NCBUILD is a unique strength and bodybuilding program developed exclusively by NCFIT. NCBUILD combines our favorite elements of traditional strength programs along with elements of bodybuilding. Sessions typically last anywhere from 45-60 minutes. The goal of NCBUILD is very simple...we want to make you strong! NCBUILD is programmed four days a week and across 10-week cycles with specific focuses.

Each session of NCBUILD comes with a warm-up, main assignment, secondary assignment, and accessory work. Cycles will vary in focus, but you can always expect to see a high dose of weightlifting paired with accessory work to compliment your gains! NCBUILD is perfect if you want to move weight and get a great pump.

Athlete Goal

I am strength focused and want gains. I want daily weightlifting, bodybuilding & accessory work.

about nccompete

NCCOMPETE is competitive track programming designed by NCFIT. NCCOMPETE pays homage to NCFIT’s rich history of success in the sport of fitness while paving the way forward for a new breed of competitor. The goal of this program is twofold -- first, to provide you with a strong foundation and specific tools you need to succeed in competition, and second, to grow a strong community of like-minded athletes eager to better themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Every session of NCCOMPETE contains a Part A, Part B, and Part C. For more info about priorities and completion, please visit nc.fit/compete. Sessions typically last anywhere between 60-90 minutes. If you are looking to compete in the sport of fitness, NCCOMPETE is the perfect program for you..

Athlete Goal

I am competition focused. I want to train to compete & win in fitness competitions.