NCFIT Santa Clara Closure

Last day of classes
Saturday, April 13, 2019

What is happening?
On February 27th, Jason Khalipa sent communications out to the greater NCFIT Community that NCFIT Santa Clara will be closing its doors on Saturday, April 13th.

A note from Jason…
It is with a heavy heart that we notify our NCFIT community that we have decided to move out of Seaboard Avenue and our last day of classes will be Saturday, April 13th. We have called our Seaboard Avenue location home for six years now. In that time, we have built an incredible community and shared many amazing memories. Unfortunately, due to increased scrutiny on the building requirements from the City of San Jose and newly proposed terms for our lease, we no longer will be able to call Seaboard Avenue home. Despite actively looking for a new space in the Santa Clara area for over a year, we have not yet found a suitable replacement.

Santa Clara Coaching & Front Desk Staff
None of our staff will be lost in this transition. All of our amazing coaches and front desk staff will be provided opportunities at our other locations. We hope you consider joining us at one of these locations as we will make this transition.

Membership Options
Free Trial any of our other NCFIT locations until May 1st
Any active SC member may trial any of our other locations from now through May 1st for free.
Discontinue your Membership
 If you decide that continuing with NCFIT at another location of ours is not the best option for you, we support your decision and truly wish you nothing but the best on your fitness journey outside of NCFIT. Any member that desires to discontinue their membership (regardless of membership plan) will be refunded any remaining balance in full without penalty or fee.

Our other NCFIT Locations
We have 4 other locations located in the Bay Area - Campbell, San Jose, Mountain View, and Redwood City.
For more information on each of our locations, please click here.


Schedule Updates
We will be expanding the schedules at our Campbell, Mountain View, and San Jose locations.


Campbell Schedule

Effective Monday 4/22

Mountain View Schedule

Effective Monday 4/15

San Jose Schedule

Effective Monday 4/15


Campbell & Mountain View Expansions
We are currently adding additional workout floors to our Campbell & Mountain View locations.
Mountain View Expansion - 4/15
Campbell Expansion - 4/22

20180220-DSC09075 copy.jpg

Mountain View






Closure FAQs

Why is the gym being closed?
In short- the construction required by the City of San Jose and the increased rent.

When is the last day of classes at Santa Clara?
Saturday, April 13th. On this day we will have a big community workout and closing party afterwards.

Why was I not provided more notice of the closure?
We have been actively working on identifying a solution to stay at Seaboard Avenue or move into a new facility. We received confirmation from our landlord of our lease adjustment just days ago. Given that the construction required by the City needs to begin in mid-late April, we determined that moving out prior to the major disruptions of construction is best for our community.

Where will the SC staff go?
All SC staff members will be given an opportunity to support our other locations and continue growing and thriving within NCFIT.  We will be coordinating with each one of them to determine what new assignments align most with their goals and interests.

Will NCFIT be selling any of the Santa Clara equipment?
Yes, we will have a garage sale on Sunday, 4/14. The time of the garage sale is currently TBD and will be released as soon as it is finalized.

Is NCFIT actually looking for a new SC location? If so, what size space is NCFIT looking for?
Yes, we are certainly looking for a new SC location that we will be able to call home for the long-term. We are primarily searching for properties in the Santa Clara, North San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Cupertino areas that are between 5k- 10k sqft. Many members of the community are aiding in our search by sending listings and offering connections which has been greatly appreciated as well.

When will NCFIT be able to open a new SC location?
Unfortunately, we are not able to commit to a timeline considering there are many factors outside of our control. If we find a location that is zoned properly, does not require a CUP (Conditional Use Permit), and does not require a significant build-out, we could potentially open in as little as 30- 60 days after executing a lease.

Am I able to try out another NCFIT location prior to committing?
Absolutely. Any active SC member may trial any of our other locations through May 1st for free.

What do I need to do to transfer my membership to a different NCFIT location?
All memberships will be transferred to our CMBL (Campbell) location by default. If you want to make CMBL your new home gym, no action is required. If you want to transfer your membership to a different home location, simply notify us at info@nc.fit

I am on an Annual Agreement membership, am I able to cancel without penalty?
Yes. Any Agreement members that desire to discontinue their membership will be refunded any remaining balance in full without penalty or fee

I am on a Paid in Full membership, am I able to cancel and get refunded?
Yes. Any Paid in Full member that desires to discontinue their membership will be refunded any remaining balance in full without penalty or fee

Can I put my membership on “hold” until NCFIT identifies a new SC location?
Although we are actively looking for new locations, we have not yet identified one and are not able to make a commitment regarding a timeline to do so. We can put memberships on “hold” in accordance with our standard membership holds policy, but are not able to put memberships on indefinite “holds” while our search for a new location occurs. 

Will the other NCFIT gyms really be able to accommodate us all?
Yes, we will be able to accommodate every member of the SC community at our other locations. Effective 4/15, Mountain View and San Jose will have expanded class schedules. Campbell will have an expanded schedule starting 4/22. Further, Campbell and Mountain View have the most capacity given their overall size (8k sqft) and recent gym floor expansions.

When will the expansions at Campbell and Mountain View be completed?
Mountain View’s expansion will be completed by April 15th. Campbell’s expansion will be completed by April 22nd.

Are there showers at Campbell, Mountain View, and San Jose?
Yes, we have 3 separate all-gender showers at both Campbell and Mountain View. At San Jose, we have 3 showers in the women’s locker room and 3 showers in the men’s locker room.

Will there be a “cap” on how many members from Santa Clara can join other sites?
No, there is not a “cap” on how many members from SC can join our other locations. We welcome our entire SC community to attend whatever location is best for them. Our other locations will welcome our SC community with open arms!

Will Olympic Lifting Platforms and KG plates be at other NCFIT locations?
We will have KG plates at our Campbell location for use during open-gym hours. We do not have space at any of our other locations to accommodate the platforms though.  

SC currently has "open gym" hours all day. Will the other NCFIT gyms be able to offer the same?
Campbell, Mountain View, and San Jose offer open-gym at all times concurrent classes are not being held. Our Redwood City location will offer open-gym outside all throughout the day.

As always, if you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact info@nc.fit or call us at (408) 822-9597