Mon. Nov 28, 2016



3 minutes Assault Bike, minimum 65/60 rpms.
10 plate front and lateral raise
20 DB Press
10 plate, internal and external shoulder rotations

*For front/lat raises, 10lb DB’s is enough. Presses, in the 20lb range. Internal/ext rotations: Stand holding 2.5’s or 5’s in an iron cross stance. Engage scapula and rotate palms down and palms up as far as possible. Do this slowly, 10 times.


Shoulder Press → Push Press

3 Shoulder Press @70%
10 Push Press
(Perform as a complex. 3 shoulder presses, directly into 10 push presses)

*Rest as needed between sets. This shouldn’t take very long.
*Use 70%of 1rm shoulder press throughout. This will get heavier next week.


10 min EMOM, alternating minutes:
10 DB Push Press
3 Pullups
*DB weight should be heavy but unbroken. Pullups are strict, duh.



EMOM (Time)

40 Cal Ski Erg


30 Cal Assault bike Arms only
Rest 2 minutes between attempts