Mon. Nov 7, 2016



Fighter warmup, 3 mins
3 mins:
Every minute perform 10 pushups,
Remaining time, max reps mtn climbers


Bench Press 

Bench Press
**1st rep paused, all subsequent reps, FAST!
10x3 @55%
10x3 @65%
*5% heavier than last week

Seated BB Shoulder Press 

Seated Shoulder Press (Barbell)
*add 5lbs to last week
4x5 Heavy
*Sitting on a bench, using a rack, find a heavy four sets of 5 using the same weight



Metcon (No Measure)

Every 3min for 4 rounds:
5 Cal Ski erg or Assault bike (arms only)
2 Rounds
5 Chinups
5 T2B

Rest 2 minutes then
1 set of 10 Partner assisted chinups. Do not let go of the bar until 10 reps are complete

Max Reps weighted dips (at least 10)
12 BB Curls AHAP