Thu. Dec 15, 2016

ME Upper


3 minute AMRAP
10 jumping jacks
2 burpee

Close-Grip Bench press 

Close-Grip Bench Press
3rm *1st rep paused, other reps normal
2xAMRAP @90% w/ normal grip
*for the close-grip, think pushup position. Hands right outside shoulders.

Push Jerk 

1rm Push Jerk
3x3 @85%
*for the 3x3 push jerk, use 85% of 1rm Push Jerk for all 3 sets


3 Rounds each for time:
1min DB Floor Press
2 rope climbs
5 Pushups
2 legless rope climbs
5 ring pushups
1 L-sit rope climb
5 Strict HSPU
Rest 1:1


10 Lat raise
10 Front raise
10 reverse fly
10 Curl
10 Overhead extension