Mon. May 16, 2016

531Bench Press


New Week, New Cycle!!

-Add 5lbs to your perceived 1 rep max Shoulder Press and Bench Press.
-Add 10lbs to your perceived 1 rep max Deadlift and Back Squat.
-You may have failed on your percentages last cycle. If it was only once, then don't worry about it. We all have bad lifting days sometimes. If you were struggling to make your numbers for the whole cycle, talk to me and we'll adjust your numbers.
-Powerlift Competitors, refer to the 5 week template for your lifts.
-CHANGE TO THE TRAINING DAY TEMPLATE. I am changing up the training days for a while. Even though we train with regularity, it is still good practice to shock the system periodically. Simply changing what days we train what muscles is a simple way to accomplish this. We will now be training

Monday: Bench Press
Tuesday: Back Squat
Thursday: Shoulder Press
Friday: Deadlift


5min Running Clock:
30 Seconds Burpee
30 Seconds Pushup
30 Seconds Burpee
30 Seconds Jumping Pullup
30 Seconds Burpee
30 Seconds Mtn Climber
30 Secodns Burpee
30 Seconds Situp
30 Seconds Burpee
30 Seconds Pushup


Bench Press 

Warmup Sets:
1x10 BB
1x5 35%
1x5 50%
Working Sets:
2x5 65%
2x5 75%
1x5+ 85%

Bench Press vs. Chains or Bands 

2x10 @50% vs Chains or Bands
-it doesn’t matter what people choose, but they will stick with their choice for the duration of this 4 week cycle. I.e. if a person chooses bands today, they will use bands next week for their hypertrophy.


Metcon (No Measure)

For Time AND Quality of Movement:
Strict Pullups
Strict HSPU
*20 Double Unders between every set of pullups and hspu

100 DB Bench Press in as few sets as possible.
*Every Break, 5 Toe2Bar
-This should take 5-7 sets, i.e. 15-20 reps per set

Cool Down

Partner Shoulder stretches:
-Have one person sit up on the ground feet in front. Lace their fingers behind their head. Partner supports partners back with their leg and pulls partner’s elbows apart and back.
-Have one person sit up on the ground feet in front. Hands go behind head, overlapping with fingers pointing straight down their back. This will make their elbows point straight up. Partner will then pull up and back and together on their partner’s elbows.