Tue. May 17, 2016

531 Back Squat


400m Run
Pigeon, Groiner, Leg swings
Mash Legs


Back Squat 

Warmup Sets:
1x10 BB
1x5 35%
1x5 50%
Working Sets:
2x5 65%
2x5 75%
1x5+ 85%

Back Squat vs Chains 

4x10 Speed Squat @50% vs Chains


Metcon (No Measure)

100ft Back Rack Walk AHAP (50ft down, 50ft back)
-Goal for weight is 110% of 1rm Back Squat.

5min AMRAP:
10 Cal Assault bike
20 Air Squats

Cool Down

Seated Splits. Keep Chest upright and extend forward. Then tuck chin and round back and reach forward. Then reach left, then right.

Couch Stretch.