Mon. May 23, 2016


In Partners, Each rows 500m
While One partner rows, the other holds a high plank (on hands) and does 3 Pushups for every 100m their partner rows.
*Mash Pecs and Lats


Bench Press 

Warmup Sets:
1x10 BB
1x5 35
1x5 50
1x5 60

Working Sets:
2x3 70
2x3 80
1x3+ 90

Bench Press vs. Chains or Bands 

2x10 vs Chains or Bands @55%


Metcon (No Measure)

For Time:
Buy In: 25ft Death Crawl Row AHAP
BB Push Press AHAP
Buy Out: 25ft Death Crawl Row AHAP
How to do Death Crawl Rows -

ARM-ageddon 2.0
Alternate between Performing 5 Drop-sets of 20 reps each of
DB Hammer Curls
DB Skull Crusher
*Have 5 sets of decreasing weight DB’sready. *Do NOT have to be unbroken *NO REST between sets

Cool Down

Band Pull Aparts
Banded Shoulder Stretches using the rig