Mon. June 13, 2016

531Bench Press


Back to basics. New Cycle, new gains! Add 5lbs to the upper body lifts and add 5lbs to the lower body lifts.

We will also be starting a pullup progression cycle.


3 min Fighter warmup (run/bike/row/burpee/jump rope), anything to get heart pumpin.

Reverse Tabata Pushups


Bench Press 

Warmup sets:
1x10 BB
1x5 35%
1x5 50%
1x5 60%

Working Sets:
2x5 65%
2x5 75%
1x5+ 85%

Floor Press 

4x10 Floor Press @ 55% 1rm Bench Press

(Use the rig and place J-hooks near the floor so the bar can be reached when lying flat on the ground. Remember to keep elbows close and lower the bar to even with sternum. Floor press drives focus on the Tricep and ability to achieve lockout)


Metcon (No Measure)

Our first of pullup progressions-
10 min AMRAP:
3 Pullups
-Scale accordingly, first to bands, then to ring rows. They must be done strict and unbroken.
*After pullups are finished and up to 45 seconds of every minute, perform max reps situps.

4x10 DB Reverse Flyes
4x10 Banded FacePulls

Cool Down

Shoulder intensive ROMWOD