Mon. June 20, 2016

531Bench press



30 sec stations,
Ski Erg or Bike


10 cal ski erg or bike
Hollow hold

*Mash pecs/upper back


Bench Press 

Warmup sets
1x10 BB
1x5 35%
1x5 50%
1x5 60%

Working sets
2x3 @70%
2x3 @80%
1x3+ @90%

Floor Press 

4x10 Floor Press @60%


Metcon (No Measure)

Pullup Progression:
8min EMOM:
4 Pullups.
-Scale accordingly, first to bands, then to ring rows. They must be done strict and unbroken.

*After pullups are finished and up to 45 seconds of every minute, perform max reps situps.
-Keep posture and position tight. Keep chin neutral, NO CHIN REACHING. Keep body hollow. Keep shoulders engaged.


Rest 2 Minutes


max Reps Supine Ring row (scale to any version of ring row)
Max reps Push ups.
-Perform this as a superset, meaning finish the ring rows and go immediately into pushups. Then rest as needed to recover before the next set.

10 BB Curls
10 Overhead Extensions
*Switch immediately from curls to overhead extensions. Rest as needed between sets. Ideally use the same weight for both.

Cool Down

Chest Stretches

Check out this awesome youtube stretching video with soft music, and a creepy old man.