Thu. June 30, 2016



250m Row, Palms facing up (think bicep curl)
20 Face pulls (attach a band on the rig at eye level. Holding the band with arms extended and tension on the band, palms down with hands 6 inches apart, pull the band to your forehead with your elbows up high and outside. Let arms extend all the way straight. Repeat)
10 (each) Single arm banded overhead extensions. Stand on a band with one foot. Using the same side hand, hold the band from behind your back, palm facing up, elbow bent. Extend your arm straight and repeat)

*Mash Upper Back


Shoulder Press 

Warmup sets:
1x10 BB
1x5 35%
1x5 50%
1x5 60%
1x5 70%

Working sets:
1x5 75%
1x3 85%
1x1+ 95%

Push Press 

2xMax Reps Push Press @95% of 1rm Sh. Press


Metcon (No Measure)

200m DB Overhead Walk AHAP
*Every break, perform 10 DB Pushups
**Use a weight that will make you break every 50ish meters.
***No jogging or running. Only walk allowed.

3x8-12 reps
DB Reverse Flyes
DB Curls
DB Tricep Kickbacks
*Different sized DB’s will be needed

Cool Down

Child’s pose

Lay face up on a bench with lightweight db’s in each hand. Let your arms straight out like an airplane, palms up.