Mon. June 6,2016

531Bench Press


Back to another wonderful deload week. Enjoy the light weights before we ramp it up again!!

The Summer Slam Powerlifting Meet at CSA gym in Dublin is this Sunday! Spread the word, let’s get as much support there as we can!


Ski Erg
Spiderman Down, Crab Walk back
1) Ski Erg
2) Spiderman Backwards, Crab walk back
3) Switch

Each Pair Accumulate 2 mins L-sit or L hang
-1 partner works at a time, other partner Ski Erg or Assault Bike

Spend 5 minutes mashing Pecs, Lats, Deltoids


Bench Press

Warmup Sets
1x10 BB
1x5 35%

Working Sets
2x5 40%
2x5 50%
2x5 60%

Bench Press with Dumbbells

2x20 DB Bench Press
-Find challenging weight then perform 2 sets of 20. Increase weight if possible.


Metcon (No Measure)

Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes:
5/3 Cal Ski Erg or Assault Bike arms only
5 Diamond Pushups
Rest 1 Minute.

Complete 50 Diamond Pushups
*Every break, complete 10 Cal Ski Erg or Assault Bike arms only
Have people scale the numbers if needed. At least 10sec rest is required.

Cool Down

Child’s Pose