Fri. June 10, 2016



In partners
Double Tabata (8mins)
Russian KB swings
Hollow hold

*Alternate movements with partner. Try to get more total swings than other teams. All non-winning teams hold 1min hollow

Spend 5mins mashing anything and everything



Warmup Sets
1x10 BB
1x5 35%

Working Sets
2x5 40%
2x5 50%
2x5 60%

Deadlift (stiff leg) 

2x20 Stiff Leg Deadlift - Weight should be moderate. Not so heavy that posture or position could be compromised over 20 reps.


Metcon (No Measure)

Partner 2k Row for time!
1 partner works at a time, switch at anytime.
Rest 5 mins
During 5mins rest, perform three sets of bicep curls “21’s”
500m row time trial
-Each partner gets two attempts. Rest while partner rows.

Reverse Hypers and Hip Circles

Cool Down

Medieval Torture
How to:
*refer to 1:25 in the video for stretching demo