Mon. July 11, 2016

531Bench press



For 5min running clock,
3 Burpee together
1 person holds plank
1 person does 1 medball pushup with one arm on the ball and one arm on the ground, then transfers the ball to the other arm, and performs another medball pushup. Do this twice then switch and now the other partner is in a plank. After each person does their madball pushups, back to 3 burpees. Repeat the whole process.

**Mash Pecs, upper back, lats


Bench Press 

*New cycle, add 5lbs to your perceived 1rm

Warmup sets:
1x10 BB
1x5 35%
1x5 50%
1x5 60%

Working Sets:
2x5 65%
2x5 75%
1x5+ 85%

Board Press 

Close-Grip Board Press @60%
2xMax Reps, cycling
3 reps thin board press
3 reps thick board press
-Go back n forth between the boards for as many cycles of three as possible


Metcon (No Measure)

Running Clock for 9 mins
Every 45 seconds, for 9 rounds
4 Strict Pullups
At 7mins, 2 mins max reps v-ups
Rest 1 minute
At 10mins, 1 set max reps pullups, kipping allowed NO BANDS ALLOWED FOR ANYONE ON THIS SET. Scale properly to rings.


DB Curls until Amazon river vascularity
Dips until kicked by a horse

Cool Down

Accumulate two minutes hanging from the rig. Completely relax all upper body.