Mon. August 15, 2016



3min Fighter warmup
10 pushup
20 sec handstand hold
*Mash Upper body


Bench Press 

Warmup sets
1x10 BB
1x5 35%
1x5 50%
1x5 60%

Working sets
2x3 70%
2x3 80%
1x3+ 90%

Bench Press (Close-Grip) vs. Bands 

*grip should be just outside the shoulders, close to the chest, but not so close that their hands interfere with the barbell touching their chest. At locations where you have power racks (sc and sj) set up the bench inside the rack and use the pins along the bottom of the rack to attach the bands to. At other locations, use a band wrapped around the underside of the bench and around the bar.

2xMax reps @60%


Metcon (No Measure)

Pullup progression:
10min EMOM, in the same minute
3 Strict Pullup
5 Burpee (first 3 minutes), 6 burpee (minutes 3-5), 7 Burpee (minutes 6-8), Last minute, max reps burpees.
Rest 2 minutes

At 12 minutes
2xMax Reps
Kipping pullups
Rest 2 minutes between sets


For Time: 30 Burpees

3x12 AHAP
DB curls
DB tricep kickbacks

Cool Down


Banded shoulder stretches