Thu. Apr 13, 2017



In Partners: One Person carries 100lbs/60lbs 100ft, while the other holds a plank. Switch back n forth for 3 minutes.
*The weight must be odd. I.e. it must be an accumulation of plates, or heavy dball. It cannot be two DB’s. The weight MUST be carried in front. It cannot be a farmer carry or carried on shoulders.


Red: Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press + Push Press 

White/Blue: Shoulder Press → Push Press
3x5 Heavy, same weight (perform 5 shoulder press, directly into max reps push press)

Piston Press 

Red/White/Blue: Incline Piston Press, 3x5 each +5lbs

SWOD - Strength WOD

In Partners:
5 Rounds AFAP:
20 (total) Medball Situps
5 partner assisted Strict Dips (each)
5 partner assisted Strict Pullups (each)
2 minutes:
Max reps HSPU or
Max time accumulated Handstand hold or
Max Negatives


Max Reps Pushups (one continuous motion, no stopping of any kind)
100 Band Pull Apart