Mon. Apr 3, 2017



2 Rounds: 5 pushups → Bear Crawl → Handstand hold → Crab walk back
2 Rounds: 10 Clapping pushups → Bear Crawl or Handstand walk → 5 hspu or handstand hold → Crab walk back


Red: Bench Press

DB Bench Press 

“DB Fist Fight”
5 Sets, max reps DB Bench Press
2 Sets, max reps DB Bench Press, reduced weight
**First 5 sets, aim for at least 15 reps per set. If more than 20 reps is attained, increase weight.
**Last two sets, aim for 25-ish reps per set.

Hang Power Snatch 

Red/White/Blue: 3x3 Hang Power Snatch
*Heavy, but no misses. Use same weight across all three sets.

SWOD - Strength WOD

2 min of Supersets AFAP:
5 DB Pushups, 5 Renegade rows, alternating
5 DB Push Press AHAP
Rest 2 mins
*During 2 mins rest, 30 seconds plank


30 strict pullups in as few sets as possible.
*No strategy here. Go for max rep sets until 30 is reached
*If you can complete 10 or more pullups unbroken, perform your pullups weighted.
*Scale as usual. Get roughly, 6-8 per set to start. Rest as needed between sets.

DB rear delt flyes
100 Bandy Rows (squeeze and hold at chest)